Who can participate?

The large-scale enterprises, SMEs*, startups and municipalities** with a legal entity, headquarter and /or business location located within the borders of Turkey may apply to the Sustainable Business Awards Turkey.

Non-governmental organizations (associations, foundations, etc.) and academic institutions cannot apply for the awards. However, the projects by these institutions in cooperation with the private sector may be indirectly included in the award with the application of the collaborating company.

Project applications that expand the area of influence and spread to the international arena with sustainable business models are also included in the scope of the awards. Applications within this scope are evaluated separately from other applications.

*SME Definition:

Criteria Micro Scale Small Scale Medium Scale
Employee Count < 10 < 50 < 250
Annual Net Sales Income ≤ 3 Million TL ≤ 25 Million TL ≤ 125 Million TL
Total Annual Financial Statement ≤ 3 Million TL ≤ 25 Million TL ≤ 125 Million TL

** Municipal subsidiaries are considered as large-scale enterprises.


Application Fees

In order for your application to be evaluated, the application fee must be made via Credit Card or Bank Transfer by following the necessary steps on the link below until the deadline.

Criteria Application Fee
Startup 350 TL + VAT
SME 650 TL + VAT
Large-Scale Enterprises 1050 TL + VAT
Municipalities 750 TL + KDV

* In case of more than one application, participation fee is paid for each application.

Terms and Conditions of Participation

1. Sustainable Business Awards Turkey are only open to private and municipal applications. Non-governmental organizations (associations, foundations, etc.) and academic institutions cannot apply. Applications made on behalf of another institution shall only be valid if the approval of that institution has been obtained.
2. Applications are made within the scope of the information in the application form and aiming at measurable outputs. Applications that have not been implemented, which have not been received measurable outputs yet, and are in the project phase are not taken into consideration.
3. Institutions may apply to one or more award categories by completing a separate application form for each project and paying a separate application fee.
4. Applications that have not completed the whole application process by the deadline shall not be taken into consideration.
5. By completing the application form, you confirm that you have the right to participate in the competition and that you have provided all necessary documents, permits and authorizations.
6. The jury’s decision is final and is not open to discussion. The first selected candidates in their categories by the jury is announced during the award ceremony. Finalists are informed in advance that they are finalists in the category they applied for.
7. Sustainability Academy Turkey accepts no responsibility for applications and costs.
8. Prizes cannot be exchanged, returned, transferred to cash or other prizes.
9. Sustainability Academy Turkey do not accept any responsibility for applications that are lost, delayed, misdirected, incomplete for any technical reason. The fact that the application has been made does not constitute evidence that the application has reached the relevant unit.
10. Sustainability Academy Turkey reserves the right not to consider applications that are illegible or which do not meet the application criteria.
11. Applications and projects must be the original product of the applicant or institution. If there is plagiarism in the submitted project, the project will be automatically eliminated.
12. Sustainability Academy Turkey and Sustainable Business Awards Turkey allowed to publish the project names of the winners and preliminary list candidates of the competition in each category for promotional purposes and audio, images, films and photos of the Award Ceremony are allowed to be published. In any platform belonging to the Sustainability Academy Turkey, including the website; this information can be used for advertising purposes. Therefore, there is no obligation to make any payments to the candidates.
13. The registered applications or projects will not be sent back to the person or institutions.
14. The persons or institutions mentioned by the name of the applicant shall retain the copyright on that application. If the project owner is a different person or institution than the one mentioned in the application, the applicants will be responsible for; must obtain a guarantee from the project owner that they have all the copyrights related to the application. The Sustainability Academy Turkey has the right to ask for evidence of this assignment.
15. Sustainability Academy Turkey takes no responsibility for any damage, loss, debt, injury, disappointment or distress that may occur as a result of being a candidate for awards.
16. Sustainability Academy Turkey does not have to publish or exhibit applications / projects.
17. Sustainability Academy Turkey does not disclose the information contained in the application form to third parties without obtaining the final approval of the applicant institutions. Detailed information of the applicant institution is not used for any other purpose besides for the evaluation of the jury. Jury members are excluded from third party status.
18. If Sustainability Academy Turkey agrees to evaluate each application as valid, each applicant institution shall agree that ; a) The institution and project names are allowed to be used on the platforms of the Sustainability Academy Turkey in case of preliminary listing and receiving awards. b) In case of preliminary listing and receiving awards, Sustainability Academy Turkey may use the applications in a comprehensive manner (with the content) for the purpose of copying, editing, exhibiting, publishing and using for the promotional materials with the final approval of the applicant organization’s contact person in the award application form c) All institutions of the applicant guarantee that the project they submitted is original and does not infringe the copyrights of any third party.
19. Sustainability Academy Turkey has the right to postpone, amend and cancel the award ceremony for reasons beyond its control (including, but not limited to, fraud, suspectedness, fraudulence, fire, flood, storm, death, strikes, protests or irreversible accidents).
20. Sustainable Business Awards Turkey organizer Sustainability Academy Turkey – Maslak Mah. Sanatkarlar Sokak Maslak Eclipse E Blok Kat 5 Sarıyer – İstanbul, Türkiye.