The aim of the Sustainable Business Awards Turkey is to highlight the projects that have created significant impacts by proactively handling and managing the economic, environmental and social impacts of the institutions and sharing them with the masses; and to accelerate the transition to sustainable business models. 

 Today’s business world faces problems / challenges that limit growth potentials such as scarce natural resources, weak financial markets, limited local purchasing power and lack of talent. In order for companies to deal with these problems / challenges and to accelerate their growth, it is inevitable for them to adopt sustainable business models developed with a visionary perspective in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Sustainable Development Goals

Change is an issue that requires effort and time; therefore, it cannot be expected without long term, universal goals and strategies. As the Sustainability Academy Turkey, we have identified 15 main categories to promote this change and transformation; we call on the business world to become a role model with their innovative and visionary approaches. 

 Applications to the Sustainable Business Awards Turkey are open to all sectors. We are aware that the transition to sustainable business models can be possible with the joint efforts and contributions of the private sector, public sector and civil society. In this context, not only large-scale companies, but also SMEs, Startups, Municipalities and non-governmental organizations can apply. All applications are evaluated by a jury consisting of leading academics and experts. 

 We hope that the Sustainable Business Awards Turkey will inspire and guide the emergence of many innovative projects aiming at sustainability transformation! 


Why You Should Apply?

The applicant institutions will contribute to the acceleration of the sustainable development of business models and change sharing sustainable future targets and will be among the examples of leading companies of the new economy and will serve as a model to other organizations for projects in Turkey. 

 BE A LEADERwith your groundbreaking sustainable initiative 

INCREASEyour corporate reputation and build trust with your stakeholders 

SHOWCASEyour sustainability commitments and values 

SHAREyour compliance with SDGs and business models 

COMPAREyour performance with Turkey’s leading brands 

REWARDYOUR TEAM and make them proud of themselves